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Welcome to the Cosplay Token Bounty Program!

The Cosplay Token Bounty and Cosplay Rewards Program combined have a total pool of up to USD$400,000, paid out in Cosplay Token (COT).

To participate in the bounty is easy. Just select the type of bounty you would like to complete from the two options below, then fill in the form located Here

Periodically, our bounty managers will go through and rate each entry either High, Medium, Low or Fail. High quality entries will receive higher payouts. Some bonuses will also be on offer for exceptional entries. Check back to this Google sheet to see what your entries were rated Here

Bounties will be on offer from release of this document until the conclusion of the Cosplay Token Crowdsale. Bounties will be paid out after the conclusion of the Token Sale.

Bounty 1: Content Creation

Participants are to create quality content about Cosplay Token, in the form of a blog, review or informative piece. This can be in any form, such as a written post (private blog/site, medium, steemit, reddit), video (youtube, vimeo), podcast, etc. We will ensure that we are unbiased and focus on the quality - not whether they gave a positive or negative rating. Articles shared on social media with a good response are more likely to receive higher ratings.
Condition: Pieces must contain a link to our website.

High - In depth piece, good community response - $80
Medium - Decent piece - $30
Low - Low effort piece - $10
Fail - Copy paste, zero effort piece - $0

Bounty 2: Translations

Participants are to fill in the above Google form. Selected individuals will be invited to join our private telegram group for translations. In here, we will post items to be translated and offer rewards to those who do it. Rewards will depend on the difficulty and length of the pieces to be translated.