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The Cure World Platform: Perfect for Cosplayers

Using the Cure WorldCosplay ecosystem, players will be able to create and distribute their own personalised coin. This unique feature will bring power back to cosplayers, enabling them to monetize themselves as these coins can be used to tip players, make purchases, and allow cosplayers to develop deeper relationships with their fans.

These Player Coins can be used by players and their user-base in areas such as: Payments - Tips - Incentives - Reputations


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Providing Sustainable Development
for a $180bn Industry.

As the world's largest cosplay platform, we have a
strong emphasis on providing the cosplay community with
a fully-developed platform that is sustainable and transparent.

The economy surrounding cosplay has been gaining traction as a competitive and potential market. However, cosplayers and the surrounding community are facing challenges, such as accurate payment and transparency in the industry.

The economy surrounding cosplay has been gaining traction as a competitive and potential market. However, cosplayers and the surrounding community are facing challenges, such as accurate payment and transparency in the industry.


Community of 720K people and 6.5 million photos

From 180

12 languages are supported for the worldwide users

430K SNS

250K likes on Facebook, 170K followers on Weibo and 13K on Twitter

Solving the
Problems of the
Cosplay Economy

Since the onset of our service, we have been
connecting people in the cosplay-sphere,
both players and users. Within the cosplay-
sphere lies five major challenges
facing the economy.


1. Sharing of content revenue

While content marketing is growing in the cosplay industry, the economy is yet to reach substantial growth due to issues involving copyright and revenue sharing.

Cure WorldCosplay is implementing a system to record copyright records on blockchain, allowing work and share revenues to be allocated via Smart Contracts.


2. Access to settlement accounts

Many players are not paid for their work because they do not have access to a settlement account to receive funds. Compounding this, many young players and users do not have access to credit cards.

The Cosplay Token (COT) is cross-border and without notion of currency exchange. Anyone can hold and transact tokens even if he/she has no other means of settlement or has no bank account.


3. Transparency and trust

Due to the nature of cosplay, players can be exposed to a large number of followers and often we find that players get harassed. With blockchain, players now get to identify each user and correspond with them accordingly.

On our platform, users and players can evaluate each other and activities will be recorded on blockchain which can never be tampered by third parties.


4. Value actualization

Many cosplayers spend countless of hours and money perfecting their craft. Often their creations lead to little or no income, leading to a discontinuation of their work.

Cure WorldCosplay connects users and players providing them with the exposure they need. Users can discover their favourite players and publish articles on the platform and receive evaluation by users.


5. Globalization of information

Due to the global and multi-language nature of Cosplay, information surrounding upcoming events, communities, Players, and more is often misinterpreted or falsely spread. Many Users and Players find it difficult to reliably obtain this information and much is 'lost-in-translation'.

Cure WorldCosplay is creating an environment where information is translated and uploaded by a third party in good faith. Information and articles posted can be evaluated by other users.

Platform Initiatives

  • Allowing Cosplayers to create their own tokens
  • Helping Cosplayers, photographers, and more create their own shop
  • Creating a tipping service for Users and Cosplayers
  • Allowing event tickets to be bought through the platform
  • The creation of a digital membership card
  • Measures against illegal images
  • Facilitating new ways to enjoy cosplay
  • Additional language support
  • SNS enhancement
  • Partnerships with content-holders
  • Creation of new revenue streams for content holders
  • Large-scale diversity support
  • Collaboration with organizers around the world
  • Overall platform improvements
Cure logo Cure logo Cure logo
Cure Token Cure Token Cure Token Cure Token Cure Token

Cosplay Platform built with
Blockchain Technology

Cosplay Token

  • 50% Token Sale50
  • 15% Founders/Team15
  • 13% Liquidity & Operations13
  • 20% Partners/Exchanges20
  • 2% Bounty/airdrop2
Token Type Utility token for the Cosplay World, used within the system and to create smart tokens for cosplayers
Token Ticker COT
COT issuance limit 1,000,000,000 COT
COT sales price 1 COT :0.00008 ETH
# of COT on token sale 500,000,000 COT
Soft Cap 50,000,000 COT
Emission Rate No new coins will ever be created after the ICO.
Token Network Ethereum (ERC20)
Distribution Tokens will be distributed as contributions are made.

Roadmap and Milestones

Cure Plane Cure Plane

Any questions

We are more than happy to answer any questions
you might have in our Telegram Group

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Meet the team


Junichiro Kawai

CEO, Founder

During his time in the US, he met people from the cosplay scene and realised the huge potential of the cosplay market. In February 2017, he founded Cure Inc. and assumed the role of CEO.

Daisuke Nakagawa

Executive Officer

With extensive experience in BDM, Daisuke spent four years at USEN corp, and the following six years in broadcasting. Afterwards, he worked for U.S. based video sharing platform Kamcord before joining Cure Inc. as an executive officer.

Tatsumi Inui


Involved in the cosplay industry for over 25 years. He tours cosplay stage shows and judges contests worldwide. Tatsumi also promotes and shares his experiences across media outlets.

Tomofumi Yokoyama


Tomofumi discovered Otaku culture at Foreign Startups and entered the cosplay-sphere. He became enchanted by Japanese pop culture.

Yuuki Iwasaki


Yuuki worked in the game industry after graduating from university. She carries out back office and marketing tasks and acts as an interpreter for internal company communications.

Kazuki Foo


Kazuki's skills are Network Engineering in Server Deployment, Cell Telecom Deployment, and Programming. He joined an American company specialising in Technology Development.

Satoko Kitajima


After graduation, Satoko entered Yahoo! Japan and engaged in content development as the main engineer for three years. She moved to the Department of Information System for optics manufacturing for four years. Then back to web system development.

Our Advisors

Hiroshi Tsurusaki

Tecotec Inc.

Founder & CEO

Kiyotaka Higashide


Founder & CEO

Kiyoko Kato

Dream Planet

Head of Cool Japan Div.

Yudi Levi


Co-Founder, CTO

Toshi Tanaka

Takumi Innovators

Founder, CEO

Alex Schueli


FinTech and RegTech lead

Michael Titus

Titus & Co


Jiao Guangming



Mo Hamdouna

Mo Works Creative Agency


The Next Level in
Global Cosplay

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