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We are taking on the challenges of the $45bn cosplay industry using the power of blockchain technology, and our very own Cosplay Token (COT) which is to become the de-facto currency of the cosplay economy.

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Introducing Cosplay Token

The Cosplay Industry Faces
Five Major Challenges.

Now We Have a Cure.

Copyright & revenue
sharing issues
With Curecos, all records are stored on blockchain
Trust and harassment in the cosplay industry
All Curecos users are identifiable and held accountable
Not everyone has access to settlement accounts
COT is accessible by all
There is little to no value recognition
Curecos increases exposure and connections
Cosplay content is not globalised
All information on curecos is translated and globally accessible

Create Your Own NFT

Players will be able to create and distribute their own personalised NFT.

These NFTs can be used to tip, make purchases, and allow cosplayers to develop deeper relationships with their fans.

Road Map

  1. 2018

    • Cosplay Token (COT) ICO
  2. 2021 DEC

    • COT lists on Bittrex
    • Liquidity is provided for on QuickSwap
  3. 2022 MAR

    • COT lists on major Japanese exchanges
    • Curecosβ launch
  4. 2022 Q2

    • COT lists on major global exchanges
    • Curecos main launch
  5. 2022 Q3

    • COT Staking begins
    • Curecos multiple functionalities to be updated
  6. 2022 Q4

    • COT is used as governance
    • a.k.a DAO to be launched! Curecos major update
  7. 2023

    • A “decentralized autonomous cosplay economy” to be established with COT

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